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Warranty Terms and Conditions

The Warranty Terms and Conditions are equal to the ones the manufacturer provides for a certain product. In general the first owner gets a product warranty for 12 months. Products only carry a warranty if the defects are not to be caused by normal use (normal wear and tear) or incorrect use. In cases of doubt the manufacturer’s opinion will be crucial. Products with any defects which carry a warranty, will be repaired or replaced with a substitute product. If the product’s Warranty Terms and Conditions differ much, it will be mentioned in the product description.

Step-by-step instruction: Warranty

  1. Inform us about the defect via telephone or e-mail (contact form).
  2. You receive further questions/instructions for a short diagnosis via telephone or e-mail
  3. If you have a warranty claim, we will try to find a suitable solution.
  4. You receive further instructions for shipping the defect product via e-mail or telephone.
  5. After having received the returned products, you get a confirmation mail.
  6. We take the product back and send you a substitute product or refund the amount of your order* within 10 business days.

Please make sure that the returning products are boxed properly in order to avoid further damaging. The shipping costs will be refunded if the case is a claim of warranty.

* Ordering and returning 1 product: amount of order + paid shipping costs and the shipping costs for the returning product. Ordering several products and returning 1 product: only the order amount of the product (no shipping costs) + the shipping costs for the returning product.