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Loaded Dervish Sama 42.8" longboard deck

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  • Lengte: 42.8 inch (109cm)
  • Breedte: 9 inch (22,9cm)
  • Wielbasis: 31.5 inch (80cm)
  • Shape: Drop-Through, Concave (medium), Camber 
  • Constructie: Bamboo / Glassfiber
  • Flex: Mid/High (gebaseerd op passende Flex uitvoering)
  • Deck Only

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Loaded Dervish Sama 42.8" longboard-deck. The Dervish Sama deck features beautiful graphics that are inspired by Bauhaus design principles. This has resulted in the whole new Circle Design, which consists of overlying shapes that symbolize the flowing movements of longboarding and carving on the Sama.

In 2007, the Devish was the first drop-through Loaded longboard-deck with a Flexy Bamboo/ Fiberglass construction that could be used for many different riding styles. Compared to the first model, the latest edition of the Dervish has been improved on many fronts and has a better performance.

This Dervish Sama has a slightly wider platform than its predecessor and the concave has increased slightly. This provides better turn capacity and more slide control. Also the neck and dropthrough cutouts have been updated for higher durability and strength in hard-riding. The Dervish Sama is provided with kicks (nose & tail) at the front and back, which increases the pop and provides a perfect (foot lockable) profile for freestyle tricks. The six-piece griptape gives a lot of control and allows comfortable footwork maneuvers on the platform, without limiting the Flex pattern of the deck construction. The Dervish Sama gives you the optimum combination of comfort, control and deck response. Perfect for cruising, carving, pumping, dancing and freestyle. Deck-Only

Available Flex Versions (Flex Based Boarder Weight) 
Flex 1: 75-122+ kg / 170-270+ lbs
Flex 2: 45-84+ kg / 100-185+ lbs 
Flex 3: 35-68+ kg / 75-150+ lbs

  • Length: 42.8 inch (109cm)
  • Width: 9 inch (22,9cm)
  • Wheelbase: 31.5 inch (80cm)
  • Shape: Drop-Through, Concave (medium), Camber
  • Construction: Bamboo / Fiberglass
  • Flex: Mid/High (based on appropriate Flex version)
  • Griptape: Loaded Dervish Sama Six-Piece
  • Deck-Only

Additional Info

Brands Loaded
Deck Material Bamboo + Glassfiber
Deck Width 9.0 inch
Deck Length 42.8 inch


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